About Us

September 15, 2019

About Us


Pictured: @notanotherhealthblog

My name is Kayla Jayne and I am a proud representative of The Uterus Project.

A lot of people know me as ‘notanotherhealthblog’ on Instagram. I created notanotherhealthblog when I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis.

I was diagnosed post-surgery at the age of 21. Adenomyosis can be caused from invasive surgery, which is unfortunately what happened to me. It affects the walls of the uterus and can cause horrific pain. I wanted to turn my pain into something more than a condition I was going to live with.

My page, notanotherhealthblog, is known for giving honest reviews on products, sharing recipes, and health tips that have helped my journey. When I started my journey, I was a meat eater with chronic pain. Most days I could not walk if I ate inflammation triggering foods. Because of this I have been an advocate for fasting, plant-based diet and natural products- all of which, saved me from being in pain.

Today I am pain free 80% of the time. I wanted to be a part of something that helped others which is why I have helped bring to life The Uterus Project in hopes others will benefit from this amazing online store.

The Uterus Project aims to inspire and shine a light on chronic illnesses. Many women who are first diagnosed with Adenomyosis frantically google and find zero answers or support systems. The Uterus Project is aiming to let women know they are not alone.