How to make a Yoni Steam chair

April 05, 2019

How to make a Yoni Steam chair

Wanting to do a Yoni steam is confronting in itself but figuring out how to actually steam is a whole new ball game. Where i live places you can Yoni Steam are non existent, and in most parts of the world its very hard to come across. Most people don't want to deal with the scenario of having the walk into a clinic and being confronted with asking someone 'Ah yes I'm here to steam my vagina'. Things can get awkward, real quick! This is why i decided to create my own Yoni Steam chair, its practical, and its in the comfort of my own home. Heres how i made my own:

If you have an old beach chair that is foldable this is a good start! If not you can easily purchase one from a store that can cost you as little as $8

Carefully measure the centre of the chair, mark with a dot then vertically and horizontally  draw a line 20 cm long. This is going to give you a sketch of how big the circle needs to be. Then carefully stab through the centre and cut the circle with sewing scissors

If you're extra like i am, why not cover your Yoni chair with fabric! 

Lastly, Enjoy and give yourself props for creating something that is saving you money


  • Have your feet elevated on a stool, this allows more steam to enter your body
  • Wear socks! Even if its summer, your body temperature is affected when steaming 
  • Never steam while on your period 
  • Steam monthly to get results, don't steam once and call it quits, like anything, you have to put time and effort in!

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