PawPaw Leaf Tea 40g

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PawPaw Leaf, also known as Papaya - is known in the fertility community for its enzyme benefits. Paw Paw Leaf is rich papain, which is known to improve digestive health and may help with inflammation. Gut issues are a regular occurrence for many who suffer from chronic illnesses, which is why PawPaw Leaf tea is the perfect fit for TUP’s customers. 

Various skin conditions may also help benefit from this leaf due to over 50 types of amino acids contained within. Karpain is also a component of the Pawpaw Leaf which is known to be great for hair health and removing grime and oil from the scalp if used as a tincture.

Paw paw leaf can also aid in regeneration of platelets and white blood cells thus helping prevent cold and flu. 

In summary this tea is perfect for:

  • Digestive issues
  • Constipation
  • Cold and flu
  • Inflammation
  • Skin and hair health 

This tea pack includes a bonus gift. At The Uterus Project, we want you to enjoy more for less.


Customer Reviews

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Paw paw leaf tea

It’s hard to say whether it is working because I am on a drug to help with pain and have changed my diet to help with bloating however I am slowly weening off the drug now so will be interesting to see if it helps with flare ups!


It has helped a little I added lemon juice to each tea I make highly recommend definitely helps with digestion to 🤗