Relief Eye Mask - Leopard Print

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Deep touch pressure stimulation, is a well-regarded therapeutic method that stimulates points on the body linked to improved sleep, mood, and relaxation.

Our best sleeps are had with as much minimal light as possible! These eye masks weigh 250 grams which is enough weight to keep the light out and apply some pressure. 

Did you know they can be used a cool pack? Just put your Eye Mask inside a ziplock bag and place in your freezer. Perfect to have on hand in your freezer for headache and migraines.

Filled with Australian grown ODOUR FREE Lupins! But what are Lupins? They're a type of legume grown by Australian Famers. They are ODOUR FREE!! No more smelly heat bags and smelly microwaves!


  • Retains heat longer 
  • 30% lighter than wheat
  • Doesn't sweat when heated
  • Chemical free

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service and excellent products

Thank you so much The Uterus Project.
I love my Relief Eye Mask. When I got it I thought it was too heavy for an eye mask but it feels so nice when I’ve got it on. I don’t even bother to heat it up sometimes. It feels great all by itself. Would recommend this eye mask 100%