Love Your Gut Powder

Love Your Gut Powder

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A clean digestive system = a kick start to achieving overall body and mind health. Love Your Gut Powder may help you achieve overall health and function of your gut. Up to 80% of our immune tissue is situated in our digestive tract. Picture our bodies like a water pipe, if part of the pipe is blocked and filled with unwanted pathogens, bacteria, fungi and heavy metals we becoming sicker. Removing these toxins and impurities can create an unburdened digestive system which may equal a happier and healthier body.

Love Your Gut Powder is fossil shell flour (Diatomaceous Earth). It is a food-grade ingredient that may be effective to help with cleansing the digestive system by removing toxins and impurities. DE contains an all natural mix of minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Iron, which is essential for maintaining healthy energy levels and body function.

Love Your Gut Powder uses the highest grade of diatomaceous earth. It is naturopathic-grade, flavourless, gluten-free and organic.


  1. Add a tablespoon twice a day to smoothies, juices, water, cereal, coconut yoghurt, baking... go wild ;)
  2. This product can be used on a daily basis or as part of a detox or cleanse

Free from additives, preservatives, fillers, sugars & artificial sweeteners

Ingredients: naturopathic grade, organic Fossil shell flour (amorphous silica)