Mama Maras Restorative Yoni Steam - Fertility Blend

Mama Maras Restorative Yoni Steam is an excellent steam for women who are trying to conceive or for those wanting to promote fertility. 

Maras Restorative steam cleanses, tones and deodorises will also helping to treat and prevent irregular discharges, bacterial and yeast infections 

Each 50g pack includes 100% organic herbs, a guideline and herbs for 2-4 home steams

Instructions for this blend:  Do 3 x steams from completion of menstruation to ovulation, stop the day before ovulation or as close to as possible to as possible in preparation for being the most receptive and responsive. Avoid steaming after ovulation. 

For the women doing IVF and or on IVF drugs: no steaming when on stimulating drugs.  The ideal time is after egg retrieval and as close to transfer as possible, the night before is a beautiful ritual for connection to your womb space. As per Mama Maras instruction